McGregor's Butcher and Bistro

As a Family,

so many of our core memories involve a kitchen table, full bellies and a rousing conversation. For years now, we've marked the holidays with elaborate seven-course meals that require weeks of planning and careful preparation.

Now, we want to do the same for you. (Well, minus the seven courses.)

We opened  McGregor's Butcher & Bistro to share the two things we love most: a memorable meal and a lively conversation. We believe strongly that fine food and a friendly vibe pair very well together, which is exactly what you'll find at McGregor's.

So whether you're enjoying a meal in the bistro or visiting the butcher for steaks to grill at home, we commit to making sure your experience is outstanding – and the flavors unbeatable.

Our attitude is inspired by a well-known Scottish proverb, "A hungry man soon sniffs out meat." When you know what you want, you'll find it.  At McGregor's Butcher & Bistro, we know what we want – to serve a meal you'll remember. So, from the Highlands to the Heartland, welcome.

mike and phyllis greggWe're glad you're here.

Mike and Phyllis Gregg

Clan Gregor

As far as surnames go, 'MacGregor' has had quite a ride. Its roots are deep, traced back to the earliest kings of Scotland, and its reputation, well, colorful. The clan has always been known for raising premium cattle but after a disagreement with King James VI, the family surname was banned. Many family members left Scotland and adopted new last names, but others retreated deep into the Highlands to avoid capture, earning the nickname "Children of the Mist."

Eventually, the name was restored to its legal status in 1748.

Part of the original clan known as the Greggs, lives in the Midwest now and remains loyal to the family's cattle-loving roots. In fact, that's part of why we launched McGregor's Butcher & Bistro –  to honor our family's legacy. Because if there's one thing a Scot loves, it's a good meal and a rousing chat.

McGregor's also honors our outsider roots. We strive to be a little different than your typical fine-food establishment. We're here to deliver an incredible culinary experience in an environment as comfortable as your own home. No stuffiness allowed.

So, from the Highlands to the Heartland, welcome.

MacGregor Crest
The MacGregor Crest